The Board of Directors meets at least three times per year and reports to the Representative Council during the Annual Congress taking place in June. The Board of Directors has 6 permanent members. The General Assembly is held during the Annual Congress where members are informed by the Board of Directors about the latest developments.

The Representative Council of the association is comprised of national delegates. Countries with more than 5 members are eligible to elect one representative. Countries with more than 50 members may elect two representatives, countries with more than 100 members are eligible to select 3 representatives. The term of office of the national representative are two years. The Representative Council meets once per year with the Directory Boarding during the Annual Congress. At the Annual Congress 35 representatives where formally elected into the Representative Council.

The association has three permanent committees namely Scientific Committee, Congress Committee, and Education Committee. These committees aim at giving recommendations to the Board of Directors for a final decision (Board of Directors motions). The respective committees are chaired by one member of the Board of Directors:

Committee Chair position
Scientific Committee Subspecialty Committee Coordinator
Education Committee Education Chair
Congress Committee Chair of the Annual Congress

The association has currently 9 subspecialty committees that represent the main domains of interest for EACTA members. The definition and numbers can evolve with changes in domain of interest of EACTA members.

» Board of Directors
» Representative Council
» Permanent Committees
» Subspecialty Committees

EACTA Organigramme

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