Education Committee

The Education Committee is composed of one delegate from each of the eight EACTA Subspecialty Committees and is chaired by the EACTA Education Chair. Under the supervision of the chair, the Education Committee takes care of the EACTA eLearning Programme, the EACTA Trainee Course and the EACTA Fellowships.


Mohamed El Tahan

Mansoura University, Egypt
Currently, Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University, Saudi Arabia
Cardiothoracic Anaesthesia & Surgical Intensive Care
40289 Al Khubar 31952, Saudi Arabia
E-mail: mohamedrefaateltahan[at]


Members of the Committee / Delegates from the EACTA Subspecialty Committees:

Dominique Bettex - Switzerland
ECHO Subspecialty Committee

Gabor Erdoes - Switzerland
Haemostasis and Transfusion Subspecialty Committee

Alberto Hernandez - Spain
ICU Subspecialty Committee EDU delegate

Andrea Szekely - Hungary
Paediatric and Congenital Subspecialty Committee

Manuel Granell - Spain
Thoracic Subspecialty Committee

Vera von Dossow-Hanfstingl - Germany
Transplant and VAD Committee

Dragana Unic-Stojanovic - Serbia
Vascular Subspecialty Committee

Marc Vives - Spain
Cardiopulmonary Bypass Subspecialty Committee

Peter Alston - UK
Social Network Committee

Further members:

Kirstin Wilkinson - UK
Fellowship Programme Director, Southampton

Anna Flo-Forner - Germany
Fellowship Programme Director, Herzzentrum Leip

Rajni Singh - Germany
Fellowship Programme Director, Herzzentrum Leipzig

Joachim Erb - Switzerland
Fellowship Programme Director, Basel

Giovanni Landoni - Italy
Fellowship Programme Director, Milan

Gabor Erdös - Switzerland
Fellowship Programme Director, Bern

Theofani Antoniou - Greece
Fellowship Programme Director, Athens

Caetano Nigro Neto - Brazil
Fellowship Programme Director, São Paulo

Jan-Uwe Schreiber - The Netherlands
Fellowship Programme Director, Limburg, Masstricht

Hossam El Ashmawi - Egypt

Alain Vuylsteke - UK

Fawzia Aboul Fetouh - Egypt

Philippe Burtin - France

Laszlo Szegedi - Hungary

Simon Howell - UK