EACTA ECHO committee

E-mail: echocom[at]eacta.org

Johan Bence - United Kingdom
Email: j.dbence[at]btopenworld.com

Committee members:

Delegate to the Scientific Committee (incl. abstract reviewing)
Sascha Treskatsch - Germany
E-mail: sascha.treskatsch[at]charite.de

Delegate to the Programme Committee
Jens Fassl  - Germany
E-mail: Jens.Fassl[at]herzzentrum-dresden.com

Delegate to the Education Committee
Dominique Béttex - Switzerland
E-mail: Dominique.Bettex[at]usz.ch

Further members:

Andrius Macas
E-mail: andrius.macas[at]kaunoklinikos.lt

Eric Sloth - Denmark
E-mail: sloth[at]dadlnet.dk

Geraldine Culas - France
E-mail: geraldine.culas[at]gmail.com

Henrik Berg - Denmark
E-mail: henrik.berg[at]rsyd.dk

Henry Skinner - UK
E-mail: henry.skinner[at]nuh.nhs.uk

Roberto Mosca - UK
E-mail: robmoscauk[at]googlemail.com

Jan Hultman - Sweden
E-mail: jan.hultman[at]karolinska.se

Joachim Erb - Switzerland
E-mail: ErbJ[at]uhbs.ch

John Kneeshaw - UK
E-mail: john[at]kneeshaw.net

Joost Van Der Maaten - The Netherlands
E-mail: j.van.der.maaten[at]umcg.nl

Justiaan Swanevelder - South Africa
E-mail: justiaan.swanevelder[at]uct.ac.za

Manfred Seeberger - Switzerland
E-mail: mseeberger[at]uhbs.ch

Maurice Hogan
E-mail: mauricehogan[at]yahoo.com

Nick Fletcher - UK
E-mail: snick[at]doctors.org.uk

Ozcan Erdemli - Turkey
E-mail: erdemlio[at]yahoo.com

Stefaan Bouchez - Belgium
E-mail: stefaan.bouchez[at]ugent.be

Steffen Rex - Belgium
E-mail: steffen.rex[at]uzleuven.be

Theofani Antoniou - Greece
E-mail: antoniou_fani[at]yahoo.gr

Heshaam Saad - Egypt
E-mail: dr.heshamsaad[at]gmail.com

Angela Mahdi - Denmark
E-mail: angela.mahdi[at]rn.dk

Marina Balinaka - Greece
E-mail: mbalanika[at]gmail.com

Andre Koshin - Denmark
E-mail: akorshin2[at]gmail.com

Peter Rosseel - Belgium
E-mail: peterrosseel[at]telenet.be

Muharrem Kocyigit - Turkey
E-mail: muharremkocyigit[at]hotmail.com

Interactions and Liaisons

Society: European Society of Anaesthesiology (ESA)
Website: www.esahq.org
Journal: EJA