EACTA ICU – Intensive care Unit committee

To promote cardiothoracic intensive care within EACTA and beyond.

Philippe Gaudard - France
Email: p-gaudard@chu-montpellier.fr

Committee members:

Delegate to the Scientific Committee (
incl. abstract reviewing)
Irene Rovira - Spain
Email: rovira@ub.edu

Delegate to the Programme Committee
Isabelle Michaux - Belgium
Email: isabelle.michaux@rean.ucl.ac.be

Delegate to the Education Committee
Alberto Hernandez - Spain
Email: albimar23@yahoo.es

Further members

Bodil Steen Rasmussen -  Denmark

Joerg Ender - Germany
Email: joerg.ender@medizin.uni-leipzig.de

Stefan Probst - Germany
Email: stefan.probst@med.uni-leipzig.de

Alistair Macfie - United Kingdom
Email: alistair.macfie@gjnh.scot.nhs.uk

Nandor Marczin - United Kingdom
Email: n.marczin@imperial.ac.uk

Massimo Baiocchi - Italy
Email: dr.massimo.baiocchi@gmail.com

Michael Sander - Germany
Email: Michael.Sander@charite.de

Paula Carmona - Spain
Email: Carmona_pau@gva.es

Peter Rosseel - The Netherlands
Email: prosseel@amphia.nl

Sven-Erik Ricksten - Sweden
Email: sven-erik.ricksten@aniv.gu.se

Fabio Sangalli - Italy
Email: docsanga@gmail.com

Marc Vives - Spain
Email: marcvives50@gmail.com

Wulf Dietrich - Germany
Email: wulf.dietrich@t-online.de

Hector Litvan - Spain
Email: hlitvan@santpau.cat

Kiran Salaunkey - United Kingdom
Email: kiran.salaunkey@nhs.net

Jose Alonso-Inigo - Spain
Email: jmalonso@me.com

It will support any member willing to embark on research, and support projects started by its members.

Current work:
The group offers a forum for discussion related to the practice of cardiothoracic intensive care (join us on EACTA ICU Committee on Facebook). The group will contribute to the development of the programme of the EACTA Annual Congress, ensure that topics are of interest to its members.