EACTA Paediatric & Congenital committee

Mona Momeni - Belgium
E-mail: mona.momeni[at]uclouvain.be

Committee Members:
Delegate to the Scientific Committee (incl. abstract reviewing)
Steffen Rex - Belgium
E-mail: steffen.rex[at]gmail.com

Delegate to the Programme Committee
Andrea Szekely - Hungary
E-mail: manci33[at]yahoo.com

Further members:

Gabor Erdoes - Switzerland
E-mail: gabor.erdoes[at]insel.ch

Carmine Bevilacqua - Germany
E-mail: carminebevilacqua[at]mac.com

Leoni Schulte-Uentrop - Germany
E-mail: lschulte[at]uke.uni-hamburg.de

Aniruddha Janai - Germany
E-mail: aniruddhajanai[at]yahoo.co.in

Hanne Berg Ravn - Denmark
E-mail: hanne.berg.ravn[at]regionh.dk

Mohamed El-Tahan - Egypt
E-mail: mohamedrefaateltahan[at]yahoo.com

Mohammed Irfan - Pakistan
E-mail: mohammad.irfan[at]aku.edu

Ignacio Malagon - UK
E-mail: Ignacio.Malagon[at]uhsm.nhs.uk

Joost van der Maaten - The Netherlands
E-mail: J.van.der.maaten[at]umcg.nl

Pieter Doesburg - The Netherlands
E-mail: pdoesbur[at]xs4all.nl

Sascha Meier - The Netherlands
E-mail: s.meier[at]umcg.nl

Nigel Turner - The Netherlands
E-mail: n.m.turner[at]umcutrecht.nl

Ömer Faruk Savluk - Turkey
E-mail: dromersavluk[at]hotmail.com

Suna Gören - Turkey
E-mail: sude[at]uludag.edu.tr

Visnja Ivancan - Croatia
E-mail: visnja.ivancan[at]kbc-zagreb.hr

Zerrin Sungur - Turkey
E-mail: zerrin_sr[at]yahoo.com

Zeliha Tuncel - Turkey
E-mail: zelihadr[at]hotmail.com

Özgen Ilgaz Kocyigit - Turkey
E-mail: ilgazozgen[at]hotmail.com


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