EACTA Vascular committee

The mission of the group is to promote educational and research programmes in the field of vascular anesthesia. We contribute to guidelines and recommendations in the field of anesthesia for vascular surgery. Furthermore, we try to offer a network for discussion, collaboration, and ideas in the practice of vascular anesthesia. The group contributes to the scientific programme of our annual EACTA congress.

Colleagues sharing these fields of interest or proposing new ideas and projects and colleagues who wish to become member of the vascluar subcommittee are cordially invited to contact one of the committee members.


Purificacion Matute Jimenez - Spain
E-mail: pmatute[at]clinic.cat

Committee members:

Delegate to the Scientific Committee (incl. abstract reviewing)
Simon Howell - UK
E-mail: s.howell[at]leeds.ac.uk

Delegate to the Programme Committee
Miodrag Filipovic - Switzerland
E-mail: miodrag.filipovic[at]kssg.ch

Delegate to the Education Committee
Dragana Unić-Stojanović - Serbia
E-mail: dragana.unic[at]gmail.com

Further members:
Hans Knotzer - Austria
E-mail: johann.knotzer[at]klinikum-wegr.at

Zoltán Gyöngyösi - Hungary
E-mail: zozman77[at]gmail.com

Jan Schreiber - The Netherlands
E-mail: j.schreiber[at]mumc.nl

Kavita Khemlani - The Netherlands
E-mail: kkhemlani11[at]hotmail.com

Cristina Ibáñez - Spain
E-mail: cribanez[at]clinic.cat

Jannie Bisgaard Staehr - Denmark
E-mail: j.staehr[at]m.dk

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