PBM – Patient Blood Management Task Force

Patient blood management in cardiac surgery relies on a multidisciplinary and multifactorial approach aiming for a reduction in perioperative blood loss and allogeneic blood transfusions. In a joint effort the European Association of Cardiothoracic Anaesthesiologists (EACTA) and European Association of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery (EACTS) initiated the elaboration of a European guideline on this topic in order to support current practice and summarize evidence for blood preservation techniques in cardiac surgery.

Christa Boer
Research Perioperative Care
Program Director MSc Cardiovascular Research
VU University Medical Center, Department of Anesthesiology
De Boelelaan 1117, room ZH 6F034
1081 HV, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
E-mail: c.boer[at]vumc.nl
Foto Christa Boer - 2

Marco Ranucci
I.R.C.C.S. Policlinico San Donato
Cardiothoracic Anaesthesia and ICU
Milano, Italy
E-mail: cardioanestesia[at]virgilio.it

David Faraoni,
Division of Cardiac Anesthesia
Dept. of Anesthesia and Pain Medicine
The Hospital for Sick Children
University of Toronto
555 University Ave
Toronto, ON M5G 1X8
E-mail: faraonidavid[at]yahoo.ca
Andreas Koster
Heart- & Diabetescenter NRW
Bad Oeynhausen, Germany
E-mail: AKoster[at]hdz-nrw.de
Daniel Bolliger
Universitätsspital Basel
Klinik für Anästhesiologie
Basel, BS, Switzerland
E-mail: Daniel.Bolliger[at]usb.ch

Christian von Heymann
Vivantes Klinikum im Friedrichshain
Anaesthesiology, IC Medicine, Emergency Medicine and Pain Therapy
Berlin, Germany
E-mail: christian.heymann[at]vivantes.de


Michael Meesters
VU University Medical Center
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
E-mail: m.meesters[at]vumc.nl

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