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2019 EACTA Annual Congress Best Abstracts

1st place

"Coronary Sinus Blood Flow estimated by Transesophageal Echocardiography correlates well with Transit Time Flowmetry after Coronary Artery Bypass grafting"
A. Choudhury, S. Joshi, R. Magoon, M.P. Hote - India

2nd place ex-aequo

"The ideal sequence of didactic lectures and simulation in teaching Transoesophageal Echocardiography (TOE) to anaesthesiologists"
S. Thampi, C.C.M. Lee, A. Rohit, B. Ashokka, G.G. Ponnamperuma, L.K. Ti - Singapore

"Early post-operative Vasoplegia in Lung Transplantation"
V. Manikavasagar, R. Romano, T.-C. Aw, E. De Waal, A. Simon, N. Marczin - United Kingdom, The Netherlands

"The association between anaesthetic technique and cancer specific survival following surgical resection of non-small cell lung cancer"
S. De La Motte Watson, D. Moran, K. Puxty, B. Shelley - United Kingdom


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01 - Anaesthesia Techniques
02 - Intensive Care Medicine
03 - Cardiac Anaesthesia
04 - Cardiopulmonary Bypass
05 - Thoracic Anaesthesia & Surgery
06 - Vascular Anaesthesia & Surgery
07 - Transplantation
08 - Postoperative Care
09 - Organ Function & Protection
10 - Myocardial Protection
11 - Haemostasis
12 - Drugs & Fluids
13 - Evaluation of Methods & Techniques
14 - Monitoring
15 - Echocardiography
16 - Risk Factors & Outcome
17 - Quality Management
18 - Paediatric Anaesthesia
19 - Other

Useful information

  • The complete abstract must not exceed 300 characters for the TITLE and 500 words/3000 characters for the BODY
  • Type the text, including tables and figures, in single-line spacing and using Times New Roman 11. Do not use smaller type
  • TITLE: capitalize the entire title. Spell out words. Do not use abbreviations and check that your title is complete in case you copy and paste it into the field
  • AUTHORS/AFFILIATIONS: you may enter up to 20 authors in the authors list and 20 affiliations. The presenting must be part of the authors list included in the submitted abstract. The names of authors will be published as listed on the submission form. Please make sure you have enter the full list of authors. The authors’ order and details (names, cities, country codes) will be published as entered in the form.
  • TEXT: begin the text on a new line. The text should be arranged using the following headings: objective, design and method, results and conclusions
  • Do not include authors, institutions, city and abbreviations in the title or in the text since the grading and selection process is blinded
  • Abstract will be accepted according to scientific merit.

Final selection of abstract will be made by the Scientific Committee by Middle June, 2019. All abstract corresponding authors will be then notified about the outcome (accepted or not accepted) of the review process. Please ensure that the email provided during the abstract submission is accurate as all correspondences will be sent via email.

Please be informed that the scientific programme of the congress, including the list of all abstracts and related presenting authors, will be submitted to AIFA (Italian Ministry of Health) for a Pre-request of authorization.
Starting from June 5, 2019 the submitted abstracts cannot be withdrawn and no change to the titles or to the authors will be allowed.

Please note that the accepted abstracts will be published in the form given by the author and will not be edited/revised/corrected.

For any enquiry concerning abstracts, please contact eactaac2019.abs@aimgroup.eu 

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