2017 Valencia, Spain, 30 September-3 October

2016 Leipzig (ECHO Certification Course), Germany, 5-6 November
2015 The Hague (ECHO), The Netherlands, 12-15 September, Photo Gallery
2014 Leipzig (ECHO), Germany, 17-20 May
2013 Montpellier (ECHO), France, 07.-10. Sep.
2012 Basel (ECHO), Switzerland, 08.-11. Sep.
2011 Gent (ECHO), Belgien, 10.-13. Sep.
2010 Berlin (ECHO), Germany, 11.-14. Sep.
2009 Leicester (ECHO), UK, 05.-08. Sep.
2008 Rome (ECHO), Italy, 27.-30. Sep.
2006 Loipersdorf (ECHO), Austria, 16.-19. Sep.
2005 Zurich (ECHO), Switzerland, 20.-23. Sep.

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