Becoming a leader in education in the domain of CTVA & IC has come out as one of the main goals of EACTA. This should reach further than the existing EACTA Annual Congresses and the annual EACTA ECHO Courses.  Further EACTA is being transformed from a 2 meetings a year organizing association into an association deploying and facilitating a continuous activity in the field of CTVA & IC

The task of developing programmes for CME is an especially important challenge for EACTA that has the promise of creating highly useful educational tools for all of us.

The Education Chair, who is a permanent member of the EACTA Directory Board, is responsible for the development and maintenance of these programmes and eLearning products.

The EACTA education programme comprises of:

  • EACTA Trainee Course
  • TEE Exam with EACVI
  • Fellowships in CTVA

Currently, EACTA's eLearning offers include:

  • Webcasting EACTA "Crash Course" 2016, Basel
  • Webcastsing EACTA Trainee Course 2015, Gothenburg
  • Webcasting EACTA Trainee Course 2014, Florence
  • TEE Certification course
  • Streaming of EACTA Annual Congress 2013, Barcelona
  • Streaming of EACTA Annual Congress 2012, Amsterdam
  • EACTA ECHO 2009, Leicester- Perioperative Echocardiography DVD,