Social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc have become important means of communication for our members and EACTA has to harness them to its advantage. Social media should be used to deliver the three main themes of EACTA that are education, science and research in cardiac, thoracic and vascular anaesthesia and critical care (CTVA&CC). It should also be used for communication and sharing of knowledge and experience of CTVA&CC. In addition, the platforms should be used to advertise and promote EACTA meetings and activities so raising its profile and attracting new members. However, development of the social media platforms cannot be done in isolation and will require the input of specialty committee. Development of social media platforms must be a priority so as use them to the advantage of all EACTA’s goals.


  • To increase the visibility of EACTA so as to attract new members and  increase membership numbers.
  • To exchange of ideas and knowledge with others who share a common interest in cardiac, thoracic and vascular anaesthesia and critical care (CTVA&CC).
  • To build enduring and mutually beneficial relationships with others who share an interest in CTVA&CC.
  • To promote medical education programmes such as EACTA eAcademia and eLearning.
  • To increase visibility of the EACTA/ESA fellowship programme in adult and paediatric CTVA&CC.
  • To share clinical experiences and gain advice.
  • To increase the involvement of the Speciality Committees in subgroups of the social media groups.
  • To undertake surveys beyond EACTA’s members and for marketing research.
  • To publicise EACTA’s scientific activities, education opportunities, and research grants/projects.


Task Force Members

Peter Alston
United Kingdom
E-mail: peter.alston[at]
Steffen Rex
E-mail: steffenrex[at]
Alain Vuylsteke
United Kingdom
E-mail: a.vuylsteke[at]
Edwin Turton
E-mail: Edwin.Turton[at]

Mohamed El Tahan
E-mail: mohamedrefaateltahan[at]

Dominik Hoechter
E-mail: dominik.hoechter[at]
Moataz Emara
E-mail: mm.emara[at]
Vladimir Lomivorotov 
E-mail: vvlom[at]
Alberto Hernandez
E-mail: Albimar23[at]
Guido Di Gregorio
E-mail: guido.digregorio[at]