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Cardio-Thoracic / Vascular Anaesthesia Fellowship (CTVA) is based on the Consensus Document (Proposal for Accreditation of Educational and Training Programmes)

White Paper of the Board of Directors for Approving the Hosting Centres for the EACTA CTVA Fellowship Programme, click here

Tasks required by the Hosting Centres, click here.

CTVA fellowships are currently offered in

Host centre Training period Available posts per annum More details Programme director Contact
University of Southampton (UK)  6-12 months  1-4 Click here Kirstin Wilkinson Tel: +44 2381 206 135

Email: Kirstin.wilkinson@uhs.nhs.uk

University Basel (Switzerland)  24 months  1 Click here Jens Fassl Tel: +41 6132 86 413


Leipzig University (Germany) 24 months 3 Click here Jörg Ender Tel: +49 341 865 1438 / 1439

Email: anaesthesie.herzzentrum@helios-kliniken.de

Vita-Salute San Raffaele University, Milan, Italy 12-24 months 3 Click here Giovanni Landoni Tel: +39 347 2520801

Email: Landoni.giovanni@hsr.it

University of Bern (Switzerland) 24 months 1 Click here Gabor Erdoes Tel: +41 31 632 27 26

Email: gabor.erdoes@insel.ch