EACTA membership period: 1 whole calender year (covering from January 1 to December 31)

In order to benefit from all EACTA membership advantages dues must be paid by March 31 of the corresponding year.

Find out more about EACTA membership benefits here.

You want to register as new EACTA member?
  1. Please follow the link: online membership application
  2. Click "Start new EACTA membership"
  3. Fill in your base data
  4. Pay your membership either by creditcard or bank transfer (bank details will be submitted via email) directly in the vEACTA members area

For more information on the vEACTA members area please click here.

You want to renew your EACTA membership?
  1. Please follow the link: online membership renewal
  2. Click on "Obtain or reset my login data"
  3. Search for your account by using your first and last name
  4. Click on "Obtain my login data" - follow the instructions on the scrren and choose a username and password

Please note that due to our new safety standards, your last name and personal ID will no longer grant you access.

If you have any questions regarding EACTA membership, please contact our EACTA Executive Office via email to