Presidential Newsletter – December 2016


Dear Colleagues,

First of all, I want to congratulate the Echo Subcommittee and Jörg Ender with a very successful Echo Course in Leipzig November 5-6, 2017. All lectures were streamed and it is a pleasure for me to announce that all EACTA members have free access to the lectures via the membership por-tal. This is the first initiative on expanding our educational platform and I will encourage you to log in frequently.
A successful transition of EACTA is dependent on an active membership. The membership is now open for renewal and I hope to see all present members as members also in 2017. I hope that many new members will join EACTA in 2017 and I will kindly ask all present members to be ambassadors for EACTA. I want all of you to take part in the evolution of EACTA by giving constructive feedback, present ideas/initiatives and consider joining one of the subcommittees.
EACTA have been in troublesome water during 2016, but the year ends with hope for the future. The Board of Directors wish you a peaceful December and a Merry Christmas.

With Best Wishes
Bodil Steen Rasmussen

Download the Presidential Newsletter December 2016 here and hang it on your departments notice board.

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