The Association was conceived on 10 May 1985 during a symposium on cardiac anaesthesia in Leiden by an international group of cardiac anaesthesiologists. The inaugural meeting took place in Cambridge in June 1986.

The EACTA Annual Congresses have taken place in various European cities in the past.

The aim of EACTA is to be a forum in Europe for international scientific discussions and exchange of ideas in the field of cardiothoracic anaesthesia and related topics and to promote education and development in this field.

The Association wants to encourage a high standard of scientific presentation; to award scholarships; to assist in funding scientific investigation; to enable educational visits to centres in other countries; and to publish selected abstracts of papers presented at EACTA meetings in a professional Journal.

EACTA also promotes international exchange with non-European countries, by organising or participating in some international meetings on cardiovascular and thoracic anaesthesia.

EACTA acts as an adviser in cardiac anaesthesia to the European Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion.

The Representative Council of the Association is comprised of one member from each country in Europe and it meets during the Annual Meeting. At present, there are 34 countries represented. The Board of Directors meets at least twice every year and reports to the Representative Council during the Annual Meeting. The Board of Directors has six members who form subcommittees according to specific tasks. The General Assembly is held during the Annual Meeting.

The official laænguage of the Association is English.

EACTA Membership is open to all professionals interested in cardiac, thoracic, and vascular anaesthesia and critical care.
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