EACTA has established a Research Grants funded to a maximum of €30,000. The Research Grant can be split in up to three minor grants to a value €10,000 each.

The Research Grants will be awarded by the EACTA after evaluation of the applications by the EACTA Scientific Committee.
EACTA Scientific Committee will score and rank applications (see below).
The final decision comes under the EACTA Board of Directors on February according to the Scientific Committee advice and possible splitting of the annual grant.

The application form including the required attachments should be submitted to the . Please include those items that are applicable in your study plan. If you already have another written plan that includes about the same items, you can send that plan instead.



  1. Applicants should be members of EACTA and aged of 40 years or younger and are either intending specialist or within the first years of appointment as a cardiothoracic specialist.
  2. Applicants must be made using the terms of the guidelines or can be obtained from the EACTA Scientific Secretary.
  3. Each application must take the form of a formal research protocol, identifying the background to the project, the study hypothesis, and proposed methodology. Details of statistical method and power analysis for clinical studies must be included. Expected duration of the study, justified appropriately, should be included.
  4. Applicants should state whether the grant is for part or whole funding. Where part funding is sought, a successful application may be conditional on applicants providing documented evidence of successfully gaining the remainder.
  5. Applicants should provide evidence of seeking other alternative sources of funding. It should be noted that applicants would normally be expected to seek other sources, particularly in countries where these are widely available.
  6. Support from the applicants home Institution (e.g. letters of support from departmental heads, colleagues, hospital administrators) would be welcomed.
  7. Preference will be given to young researchers, either intending specialists or within the first years of appointment as a cardiothoracic specialist.
  8. Applicants must undertake to present their research findings to the EACTA at a free paper or other scientific session.
  9. Applications must be at EACTA Scientific Secretary (see deadline and address) before the announced deadline.


Scoring system

Scoring system in evaluation of EACTA a Research Grant applications

The applications are evaluated in terms of following sub-criteria, yielding a maximum 5 points each. Thus, the maximum total score is 20.

  • Educational/Scientific value (1-15), sum of the following:
    • Originality (1-5)
    • Scientific significance / Clinical significance (1-5)
    • Appropriate study/educational design and methods to acquire the aimed result(1-5)
  • Adequate material and human resources (1-5):
    • Realistic financing plan (this is also a prerequisite)
    • Laboratory and/or other methodological facilities
    • Adequate time for the applicant allocated for clinical fellowship or research and/or needed auxiliary assisting/co-working personnel


Application deadline for 2019: June 15, 2019

Winners will be announced during the 34th EACTA Annual Meeting, Ghent (Belgium), September 4-6, 2019 - names and projects will be published soon

Research grants 2010-2016

Application deadline for 2020: June 15, 2020

Winners will be announced during the 35th EACTA Annual Meeting, Grenoble (France), December 2-4, 2020.

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