TEE Template for adults

Dear friends and colleagues,

It has been pondered a while regarding a universal TEE template for intraoperative use in the operating room. Although it is very challenging to include a template which will be recognized wholly without its pitfalls, we are now reached a consensus where we have, as a group from Echo subcommittee, been able to provide you with a TEE template for intraoperative use. This TEE template has been formulated keeping in mind all the present guidelines available for intraoperative TEE in the operating room/cath.lab. After extensive inputs from all members of the subcommittee, we have been able to offer you with a TEE template which can be universally used in Europe. This is to prevent any discrepancies of echocardiography standards performed in the operating room. This also enables the user of the template to conform to the existing guidelines and standards for performing echocardiography in an operative set-up. This template can also be used as a guide in fulfilling your requirements for certification of TEE examination. We hope that this TEE template will provide you with the necessities of performing intraoperative TEE, and will be a guiding tool for both advanced and enthusiastic anaesthetists/ Echo cardiographers at the start of their practice.

Hope you enjoy the same as we do, and appreciate your feedback.

With best wishes,

Dr. Chirojit Mukherjee MD PhD FASE MBA

Chairman, EACTA ECHO subcommittee


Click here to see the template


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