The Hague • The Netherlands • September 12 - 15, 2015The Hague

Dear Colleagues and Friends:

On behalf of the European Association of Cardiothoracic Anaesthesiology (EACTA) it is a great pleasure to invite you to EACTA Echo 2015 which will take place from Saturday 12th to Tuesday 15th September 2015 in The Hague, The Netherlands.

The aim of the current program for EACTA Echo is to offer a platform where delegates can find knowledge suited to their needs in learning echocardiography. To this end, a basic, advanced and certification course will combine lectures, interactive case-discussions, workshops and quizzes structured to their level of experience. Since echo is also rapidly expanding outside the operating room, a new “hands-on” course “Echo in Anesthesia, Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine”(including vascular access and lung ultrasound) will be introduced, aiming for an audience of anesthesiologists, intensivists, emergency physicians and others interested in echo as a point-of-care technique.

On Saturday and Sunday, the basic and advanced courses will run in parallel sessions.

The basic course is aimed at beginners who have little or no experience in echocardiography. In order to practice the lecture-based information that refers mainly to transesophageal echo, each session is followed by a workshop. During these workshops participants will experience how to apply the knowledge “live” using echo machines, echo simulators and by interactive discussions.

A wet-lab with hands-on porcine heart dissection will facilitate a better understanding of the anatomy of the heart.

The advanced course is aimed at more experienced echocardiographers. Experts in the field will share their experience at a “state-of-the-art” level for current and new echo techniques and applications. This year’s topics include 3D TEE and myocardial imaging, dilemmas in valve surgery, echo in transcatheter procedures, heart failure and ICU related problems. A learning lab supported by laptops with preconfigured cases will challenge the participant to be actively involved.

To conclude the course, a new session is introduced in which delegates are invited to present short cases (max. 10 minutes) from their own practice with a discussion guided by an expert panel. This is a unique opportunity to share your experience with other echo-interested colleagues.

On Monday and Tuesday, the certification and the new “hands-on” courses will run in parallel.

The certification course is aimed at delegates who are preparing for the EACTA/EACVI TEE exam.

The course has been updated to a new format. The topics will be presented in a condensed form and each session is followed by an echo quiz with video-based MCQ’s. This will allow delegates to better judge their knowledge required for the exam.

A brand new course will be introduced aiming for anesthesiologists, intensivists, emergency physicians and others interested in echo as a point-of-care technique.

The course is intended for exclusive training in “hands-on” ultrasound. To this end, the participant has to acquire the theoretical knowledge in advance according to the FATE (Focussed Assessed Transthoracic Echo) e-learning program. During the course the theoretical part is only highlighted in short lectures. The course will be organized at two different levels. The first level (part 1) is aiming at the beginner and covers the fundamentals of FATE and vascular access. The second level (part 2) is intended for those who have passed the first level or have experience similar to the first level and covers the application of FATE with Doppler, hemodynamics, major pathology and lung ultrasound.

The Hague oozes culture, history and excitement with the most historic sites per square meter in the Netherlands. The venue for the meeting is located within minutes from the beach and major boulevards, and has a large in-house hotel with several others nearby. There are many cultural attractions, restaurants and high quality shopping within easy reach from the venue. Visit The Hague monuments such as the Binnenhof (the Houses of Parliament), Noordeinde Palace, and the Peace Palace. Discover the largest painting in the Netherlands: Panorama Mesdag. Admire the exquisite works of Rembrandt, Vermeer and Mondriaan at the Mauritshuis and Gemeentemuseum. Enjoy a drink and meet colleagues and friends at the beach to finish off your day at the meeting.

We look forward to welcoming you to EACTA Echo 2015 in The Hague.

On behalf of the local organizing committee,


Joost van der Maaten
Department of Anesthesiology
Section Cardiac Anesthesia
University Medical Center Groningen
P.O.Box 30.001
9700 RB Groningen, The Netherlands
[email protected]
Arno Nierich
Department of Anethesiology & Intensive care
Isala ClinicsP.O.Box 10400
8000 GK Zwolle, The Netherlands
[email protected]


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