Eight years of EACVI-EACTA joint accreditation

Dear Friends and Colleagues

The EACVI (European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging) and EACTA (European Association of Cardiothoracic Anaesthesiology) joint process of certification in TEE (Transoesophageal Echocardiograpy) has now reached 8 years of active life. After a long preparation work and many meetings between panels of experts expressed by the two associations, it was finalized in the year 2005. The first examination was run in Montpellier on June 4th, 2005, during the EACTA Annual Congress. The examinations have been subsequently and regularly held twice a year, during the EACVI congress, EUROECHO-IMAGING (in December) and the annual EACTA Annual Congress (in May-June).

The certification process includes the examination plus an expert evaluation of a logbook of TEE examinations performed by the candidate and approved by a supervisor.

This is collaboration not just across Europe but also between our two organisations which is an important achievement. An enthusiastic expert team drawn from the EACVI and EACTA run a tough but fair process of voluntary assessment. This will identify those with the knowledge and skill to perform and report transoesophageal echocardiograms, which may then be adopted in each country in accordance with the national laws for medical practice. For those who have been accredited we hope this will continue as a lifelong pathway of learning and development.

We strongly encourage cardiologists, anaesthesiologists and physicians throughout Europe to seek EACVI/EACTA Certification in TEE as a mark of recognition for their knowledge and skill, for the credit that this brings to their department and for the assurance this brings to their patients of the high standards of their work.

It represents an opportunity for all those performing TEE to advance themselves through the achievement of an internationally recognised credential.

Patrizio Lancellotti
EACVI President 2012-2014

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