Perioperative Challenges for Heart Transplantation

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What’s in it for me?

After participating in this webinar, you will better understand:

  • The role of total artificial heart transplantation in the management of end stage heart-failure;
  • Pro’s and cons of DBD versus DCD heart donation;
  • The underlying mechanisms and outcomes of primary graft dysfunction;
  • The intensive care management after heart transplantation;
  • Non-cardiac surgery in heart transplanted patients.

Target audience

Cardiac surgeons, cardiovascular anaesthetists, perfusionists, intensivists, general anaesthetists, anaesthesia certified nurses, nurses, interns, and medical students.

Scientific director: Mohamed R. El Tahan, EACTA Education chair

Scientific Moderators: Eric de Waal (The Netherlands), Nandor Marczin (UK)

  1. 17:00-17:25 The role of Total Artificial Heart Transplantation in the management of end-stage heart failure - Vera von Dossow, Germany
  2. 17:25-17:50 The current status of DCD and DBD heart transplantation - Nandor Marczin, UK
  3. 17:50-18:15 Primary Graft dysfunction after heart transplantation - Eric de Waal, The Netherlands
  4. 18:15-18:40 Intensive care management of heart transplantation - Antonio Rubino, UK
  5. 18:40-19:05 Non-cardiac surgery in Heart Transplanted patients - Andrea Szekely, Hungary
  6. 19:05-19:25 Q&A from the audience
  7. 19:25-19:30 Wrapping up and Adjourn - Nandor Marczin, UK

The webinar is supported by an unrestricted educational grant by TransMedics.

The TransMedics Organ Care System (OCS) is a fully portable, multi-organ, normothermic preservation and assessment technology that mirrors human physiology. This revolutionary technology allows physicians and institutions to maximize the potential of donor hearts, lungs, and livers while monitoring each organ throughout the entire process, ensuring transplant teams can preserve organs in an optimal condition.

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    May 31, 2021 5:00 pm
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    May 31, 2021 7:30 pm
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