Practical course on TEE

Date: 13/12/2019 – 14/12/2019, All Day



The event is endorsed by EACTA


Friday, December 13th 

Introduction session
08:25 Welcoming
08:30 Usefulness of TOE: indications
08:40 Understanding the machine and echocardiography probe
09.00 Basic principles of ultrasound (US)
09.30 Getting to know the basic views
10:00 Hands-on (groups of 5 people per simulator)
11:30 Coffee break

Echocardiographic anatomy session
11.45 Anatomy of the heart: general relationship and cavities. Learning the basic views

Left Ventricle session
12:00 Evaluation of the Left Ventricle
12:15 Pathological scenarios of the Left Ventricle
12:30 Hands-on: Left Ventricle (groups of people per simulator)

13:00 Lunch

Right Ventricle Session
14:00 Evaluation of the Right Ventricle
14:15 Pathological scenarios of the Right Ventricle
14:45 Hands-on: Right Ventricle (groups of 5 people per simulator)

Aortic Valve Session
15:15 Evaluation of the Aortic Valve
15:45 Pathological scenarios of the Aortic Valve
16:00 Hands-on: Aortic Valve (groups of 5 people per simulator)

16:30 Coffee

Mitral Valve Session
16:15 Evaluation of the Mitral Valve
16:30 Pathological scenarios of the Mitral Valve
16:45 Hands-on: Mitral Valve (groups of 5 people per simulator)
17:15 Finishing 1r day

Saturday, December 14th 

Tricuspide Valve Session
9:00 Evaluation of Tricuspide Valve and Pulmonary pressures
9:15 Pathological scenarios of the Tricuspide Valve
9:45 Hands-on: Tricuspide Valve and Pulmonary pressures

Aorta Session
10:15 Evaluation of the Aorta
10:30 Pathological scenarios of the Aorta
10:45 Hands-on: Aorta

11:15 Coffee

Clinical scenarios simulation
11:30 Hands-on

13:00 Lunch

Clinical scenarios simulation
14:00 Hands-on
17:00 Concluding the course

Event Details
  • Start Date
    December 13, 2019 8:00 am
  • End Date
    December 14, 2019 7:00 pm
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