COVID-19 Outbreak

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

it is more than one month ago when the first case of patient affected by COVID-19 in Italy has been detected. The rapid escalation of the situation not only in Italy and Europe, but worldwide, has an unprecedented effect on all aspects of daily life and is shutting down our life as it was, our habits, and is shaping a ‘world after the COVID-19’ very different from the one we were used to.
Health and healthcare are being impacted in a seismic way. In particular we, as cardiothoracic anaesthesiologists, are in the front line in fighting the virus and forced to think about new ways for our everyday activities, developing new guidelines and best practices.
These are indeed challenging and busy times, we are all working under extremely stressful and dangerous conditions, with decreasing resources – due to decreased number of (sick) staff, and due to limited access to fully equipped ICU beds.
The public health response to COVID-19 continues, and this is thanks to your indefatigable work. Covid and non Covid patients need us to treat their cardiovascular disease, and we are all doing our best to allow all of them to receive the care they need.
As EACTA, we are in the process of creating videos and webinars that could support you in this fight. The first one is already available in open access in the EACTA e-Academy.

My thoughts are with you, the whole Board of Directors is with you.
Stay strong, together we will face it.

Fabio Guarracino
EACTA President

– March 2020


COVID-19 and the Heart:
A literature overview
and local experience

Luisa Baca, Maria Benedetto


Protocolized approach for
resuming elective cardiothoracic
cases during the COVID-19 outbreak

Felipe Unigarro Londoño, Ricard Navarro


May COVID-19
classified as a haemostatic

Maria Benedetto and Vittorio Ferrari


Sedation Strategies And
Neurological Assessment
in COVID-19 ICU Patients

Sara Tomasini


COVID-19 in the Paediatric
Population: Literature Overview
and Clinical Experience

Marta Agulli


Mechanical Ventilation Strategies
and Feasibility of ECMO

Maria Benedetto


Tips and tricks
for safe airway

Mohamed El Tahan

Helpful Resources

WEEKLY UPDATED! – The most recent resources are on top

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ESA COVID-19 Resource page

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