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The EACTA ECHO Course is aimed at Echocardiographers of different levels. The Meeting is made up of three separate courses and one Hands-on Training.

  • Basic Course ­‐ assumes minimal or no previous experience with echocardiography.
  • Advanced Course ­‐ is aimed at giving experienced Echocardiographers updates on new developments in technology and their possible application in specific fields besides the operating room
  • Certification Course ­‐ is specifically dedicated to prepare attendees for the official EACTA/EAE TOE examination.
  • Hands-On Training – for those who want to learn “how to do it” in combination with e-learning.

The EACTA ECHO Course travels around cities in Europe and attracts between 175 and 250 participants. The courses are run by key opinion leaders from around Europe as well as further afield. It attracts industry support in the form of sponsorship as well as from the trade exhibition. At present – like the EACTA Annual Congress – EACTA ECHO Course also relies heavily on a LOC. The new EACTA guidelines will also address best practice in achieving the best results for this meeting.

June 12, 2021

Bidding Requirements

Every year, the EACTA Executive Committee calls for venue proposals from the National Societies by sending out the document “Request for Proposal”. receives the bids and evaluates them on the basis of objective criteria and makes a list of the top ranked venues recommended to the Directory Board (BoD).

The BoD makes the decision for the forthcoming venues max. 8 years ahead of time and the Representative Council (RC) is informed about the decision. The first important issues is to select a LOC.

The 2022 Echo Course will take place in Zagreb, Croatia, in June 2022.

Please click the button below to download the guidelines to organize the EACTA Echo Course.
Request for proposals for hosting EACTA Echo in 2023 is now open.
The deadline is May 30, 2021.

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