Lunch Symposia

Lunch Symposia:

Wednesday 11 May 13.30 – Medtronic
A novel approach of NIRS monitoring and Target Blood Pressure Management
Speaker: Dr. Charles W. Hogue, MD, Prof. of Anesthesiology & Critical Care Medicine, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

In this lecture the physiological basis of near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) brain monitoring will be reviewed along with current clinical applications. An emphasis will be placed on new developments in real-time monitoring of cerebral autoregulation based on signal processing of the NIRS signal in relation to arterial blood pressure.

Medtronic Symposium Programme

Thursday 12 May 12.00 – Edwards/B. Braun Medical AG NEW TIME
Modern fluid therapy to improve patient outcomes

The Association of the Scientific Medical Societies in Germany (AWMF) generated a guideline on volume therapy in adults on the highest possible level of evidence (S3). Professor Zacharowski will present the findings and recommendations on the 12th May, 12:00 during the lunch symposium.

Over 38 randomized controlled trials and several meta-analyses have demonstrated the superiority of hemodynamic optimization over standard fluid management to decrease cardiovascular, renal, gastrointestinal, respiratory, infectious, hematological, neurological and other complications. Doctor Frederic Michard will outline WHY and HOW to implement hemodynamic optimization therapy in today’s clinical practice.

Edwards/Braun Symposium Programme

Friday 13 may 13.30 – Orion Pharma
The role of Levosimendan in cardiac surgery

Levosimendan, a cardioprotective inodilator, has been developed as a treatment for acute heart failure. In this symposium, Dr. Martin Siegemund (Basel, Switzerland), will  describe the challenges related to perioperative heart failure. Prof. Sven-Erik Ricksten (Gothenburg, Sweden) will present  the unique effects of levosimendan on renal function, and Dr. Dominique Bettex (Zürich, Switzerland) will focus on the efficacy of levosimendan in optimizing patient outcome in the cardiac surgery settings.

Orion Pharma Symposium Programme

Friday 13 may 13.30 –Nordic Pharma
Is aprotinin an essential product in the arsenal of the current Patient Blood Management?

Aprotinin is a serine protease inhibitor that prevents bleeding in cardiac surgery. In this symposium, the scientific and clinical grounds of aprotinin’s safety and efficacy will be presented and Dr Mario Cibelli (Birmingham, UK) will present how to use aprotinin in today’s clinical practice.

Nordic Pharma Symposium Programme

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