Partners of EACTA AC 2018

A special thank you to all our partners for supporting EACTA AC 2018




Masimo is a global leader in innovative noninvasive monitoring technologies, including medical devices, a wide array of sensors, and connectivity solutions. In 1995, Masimo debuted SET® Measure-through Motion and Low Perfusion™ pulse oximetry, estimated to be used on more than 100 million patients annually. In 2005, Masimo introduced rainbow® Pulse CO-Oximetry, allowing noninvasive and continuous monitoring of additional physiologic parameters that previously could only be measured invasively, such as total hemoglobin (SpHb®). We continue to advance noninvasive monitoring with innovations like Root®, Radius-7®, and Rad-97™, while expanding into new markets with SedLine® brain monitoring, O3® regional oximetry, NomoLine™ capnography, and automation and connectivity solutions such as Patient SafetyNet™.


As a global leader in medical technology, services and solutions, Medtronic improves the lives and health of millions of people each year. We use our deep clinical, therapeutic and economic expertise to address the  complex challenges faced by healthcare systems today. Let’s take healthcare Further, Together. Learn more at


The Nordic Group is a privately owned, pan-European pharmaceutical company, with a strong focus on the development and commercialization of niche hospital and orphan products. Nordic Group has a presence in 17 European countries, operating under the name of Nordic Pharma and Nordic Drugs. Nordic (which was already marketing an aprotinin product in UK) acquired rights to TRASYLOL® from Bayer in July 2012, worldwide excluding the United States. Additional information can be obtained at


Octapharma is one of the largest human protein manufacturers in the world, developing and producing human proteins from human plasma and human cell lines. Family-owned, Octapharma believes in investing to make a difference in people’s lives and has been doing so since 1983; because it’s in our blood. Over 7,700 people support the treatment of patients in 113 countries across three therapeutic areas: Haematology, Immunotherapy and Critical Care. Octapharma has seven R&D sites and six manufacturing facilities in
Austria, France, Germany, Mexico and Sweden.



We are Abbott Point of Care a part of Abbott Laboratories Limited, a global, diversified health care innovator with a legacy of pioneering work in medical Diagnostics. Our i-STAT® System is an advanced, portable diagnostic testing system that provides real-time results within minutes to accelerate the patient care decision-making process.



BioPorto Diagnostics A/S is a Danish company providing healthcare professionals in clinical and research settings with a range of diagnostic tests and antibodies. Our pioneering product portfolio includes assays for underserved disease states such as NGAL for Acute Kidney Injury (AKI). Adding our NGAL Test to the current standard of care makes it possible to improve patient outcome, as it allows implementation of earlier patient stratification strategies by identifying AKI earlier, or ruling out the development of AKI. The NGAL Test is CE-marked and its routine use has already been implemented throughout Europe. It is now pending FDA approval.

FORE-SIGHT ELITE® tissue oximetry utilizes five wavelengths of near-infrared light and a complex algorithm to provide readings you can trust. FORE-SIGHT features specialized modes for adults and children, and users can select from multiple sensor locations on the body, fine-tuning the algorithm to the unique optical properties of specific tissue beds. FORE-SIGHT’s unparalleled accuracy and precision give you the confidence of knowing your patient’s brain is adequately oxygenated.




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