Certification Course

EACTA Echo CERTIFICATION COURSE Day 3 - 14 september 2015                                


Welcome and introduction


From imaging to reporting



08.15-08.35 (20 min)

EACTA/EACVI certification in adult TOE

Skinner (UK)

08.35-08.55 (20min)

Know your echo-machine and optimize!

Erb (Germany)

08.55-09.15 (20 min)

Safety, indications and complications of TOE

Erdemli (Turkey)

09.15-09.40 (25 min)

Comprehensive TOE exam, measurements and
normal values

Rosseel (Netherlands)

09.40-10.00 (20 min)

How to write a comprehensive TOE report

Hogan (Abu Dhabi)

10.00-10.30 (30 min)



What about the ventricles?



10.30-10.55 (25 min)

LV systolic function and newer modes of assessment

Seeberger (Switzerland)

10.55-11.20 (25 min)

LV diastolic function

Guarracino (Italy)

11.20-11.45 (25 min)

RV function

Greenhalgh (UK)

11.45-12.15 (30 min)

Echo quiz with questions and answers
on ventricular function

Seeberger (Switzerland) / Guarracino (Italy) /
Greenhalgh (UK) 

12.15-13.15 (60 min)



The mitral valve



13.15-13.45 (30 min)

Mitral valve: a systematic evaluation

Bettex (Switzerland)

13.45-14.15 (30 min)

Mitral valve pathologies: repair or replace?

Ender (Germany)

14.15-14.45 (30 min)

Echo quiz with questions and answers
on the mitral valve

Bettex (Switzerland) /
Ender /Germany




The aortic valve



15.15-15.40 (25 min)

Aortic valve: A systematic evaluation

Swanevelder (South-Africa)

15.40-16.10 (30 min)

Aortic valve pathologies: Repair or replace?

Skinner (UK)

16.10-16.40 (30 min)

Echo quiz with questions and answers
on the aortic valve

Swanevelder (South Africa) /
Skinner (UK)




16.40-17.05 (25 min)

Cardiac masses and sources of embolism
incl. echo quiz

Fassl (Switzerland)

17.05- 17.30 (25 min)

Congenital heart and GUCH
incl. echo quiz

Van Melle (Netherlands)




EACTA Echo CERTIFICATION COURSE Day 4 - 15 september 2015                             

More on valves: tricuspid, pulmonary, and prosthetic valves

08.30-08.55 (25 min)

Tricuspid and pulmonary valves

Fassl (Switzerland)

08.55-09.30 (35 min)

Evaluation of prosthetic valves

Mukherjee (Germany)

09.30-10.00 (30 min)

Echo quiz with questions and answers
on tricuspid, pulmonary and prosthetic valves

Fassl (Switzerland) /
Mukherjee (Germany)

10.00-10.30 (30 min)



Advanced imaging



10.30-11.05 (35 min)

Myocardial deformation imaging:

Wouters (Belgium)

11.05-11.45 (40 min)

The basic 3D exam and clinical applications
of 3D echocardiography

Bouchez (Belgium)

11.45-12.15 (30 min)

Echo quiz with questions and answers
on myocardial deformation and 3D echo

Wouters / Bouchez (Belgium)

12.15-13.15 (60 min)



Cardiac pathologies and more



13.15-13.40 (25 min)

Tamponade and pericardial disease

Guarracino (Italy)

13.40-14.05 (25 min)

Pathologies of the aorta

Nierich (Netherlands)

14.05-14.30 (25 min)


Hogan (Abu Dhabi)

14.30-15.00 (30 min)

Echo quiz with questions and answers on pericardium, aorta and endocarditis

Guarracino (Italy) /
Nierich (Netherlands) /
Hogan (Abu Dhabi)

15.00-15.30 (30 min)






15.30-15.55 (25 min)

Artifacts and pitfalls

Erb (Germany)

15.55-16.20 (25 min)

TOE in transcatheter procedures
(TAVR, Mitraclip)

Mukherjee (Germany)

16.20-16.45 (25 min)

Essential hemodynamics

Trekatsch (Germany)

16.45-17.15 (30 min)

Echo quiz with questions and answers
on artifacts/pifalls, transcatheter procedures
and hemodynamics

Erb / Mukherjee / Treskatsch (Germany) 


Closing remarks and adjourn


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